Museum Quality Bird Taxidermy

A commitment to quality and an exacting artistic approach defines Midwest Custom Taxidermy. We offer the experience and focus to bring your trophy to life. Our services include: 

  • Waterfowl Taxidermy 
  • Upland Bird Taxidermy
  • Habitat Scene Taxidermy
  • Predator Taxidermy
  • Restoration Taxidermy
  • Rehabilitation Taxidermy
  • Completed Mount Taxidermy
  • Hunting Themed Boardrooms, Lodges and Man Cave Design and Layout 

We utilize the finest materials, techniques and tools to ensure that every project we create for you is one you will truly cherish. At Midwest Custom Taxidermy, there are no shortcuts taken when creating your memory to last a lifetime.

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How to get the most life-like mount.


Birds begin to deteriorate as soon as they are killed. Click the link below to learn how to preserve them for optimal mounting.

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Protecting your bird - both before mounting and after - is an important step to ensuring the highest quality and longest life of your trophy. Click below to learn more.

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South Dakota and Iowa
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