Midwest Custom Taxidermy Decoys

Realism that gets real results in the field.

Life-like decoys from Midwest Custom Taxidermy can make all the difference in the field. Improve your chances with the proven effectiveness of our custom decoys for a variety of hunting situations. Our decoys offer a long-lasting lure for a small investment. Each decoy is made to your specifications and provides an affordable option that works in the fields and in water. Call 605-366-7061 for a free estimate.

Taxidermy Goose and Duck Decoys

Get the most out of every outing by adding Midwest Custom Taxidermy decoys to your spread. We’re sure you’ll see improved results with as few as six or a dozen mixed in with your standard decoys.

Taxidermy Turkey Decoys

Bring in the toms with amazingly life-like hen, jake or tom decoys. For turkey hunting success, the best call is Midwest Custom Taxidermy.

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