Taxidermy Field Preparation 

The Perfect Mount Doesn’t Always Start with the Perfect Bird.

Midwest Custom Taxidermy can repair many issues with birds to make them look great as a mount. Problems like holes in beaks and feet can be repaired, along with broken wings, bones and other minor issues. Of course, it’s always better to start with the best specimen as possible. If you follow the suggestions below, your bird will be in the best possible shape to be made into a trophy you will be proud to display.

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Your animal can be made as a stand or a stake depending on your preference.

Taxidermy Care:

  • After the hunt, place the bird in a plastic bag and into a freezer that produces frost.
  • Be gentle when handling the bird to avoid bending or breaking feathers.
  • Birds can have broken wings, legs or beaks and still be mounted.
  • Birds can be soiled with mud or blood.
  • Please bring your bird into our shop as soon as possible to prevent freezer burn.


  • When carrying a bird in the field, be careful to not stretch the neck by using neck straps for long periods.
  • If shipping your bird, be sure to freeze it and keep it in a leak-proof plastic bag.
  • Wrap it completely in a protective towel, bubble wrap or cover with packing materials.
  • Be sure your box has sturdy sides to prevent crushing.

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